Skin Care Dupe: Neutrogena vs Tarte Cosmetics 

Hello my loves !

I know I’ve been a little MIA from the blog recently but I’m back now. On the blog today I’m going to talk about a skin care product dupe that I’ve come across.

As you all have seen, Tarte cosmetics recently came out with a new collection ; Rainforest of the Sea. In that collection they also launched a variety of skincare products. My absolute favorite was the Drink of H2O Hydrating Boost.

Picture taken from Google

What it is:

A refreshing, lightweight gel moisturizer to help moisturize dry, dehydrated skin.

Treat skin to this skin-quenching water gel. Powered by hyaluronic acid and tarte’s exclusive Rainforest of the Sea™ antioxidant complex, this cooling gel moisturizer helps restore skin’s natural hydration for skin that’s fortified, refreshed, and healthier-looking. The lightweight moisturizer absorbs into skin, leaving no oily or greasy feel behind, while powerful marine antioxidants help skin defend itself from everyday aggressors. Its skin-balancing properties support antiaging, and it helps boost the appearance of firmness, tone, and vitality over time.

You can buy this at your loca Sephora or Tarte cosmetics website for $47.

Picture taken from Google

The Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel is a refreshing, lightweight water gel that instantly quenches and continuously hydrates skin. Formulated with hyaluronic acid, it boosts hydration and locks it in so skin stays hydrated, smooth and supple day after day. Applies effortlessly, absorbing quickly into skin without leaving behind an oily or greasy feel.

You can buy this product at any local drug store for $19.99

Basically both these products are identical, the only difference is that the Neutrogena is less than half the price of the Tarte Cosmetics products. The quantity for both products is the same as well ; 50 mL. Both products are amazing, however it’s nice to sometimes have a cheaper option to use as well.

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One thought on “Skin Care Dupe: Neutrogena vs Tarte Cosmetics 

  1. I’m obsessed with Neutrogena. I think it’s one of the best out there that actually gives me great result never heard of Tarte though. I recently published a post on Neutrogena myself. 😊Great post btw. 💕


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