Review: Tatcha Luminious Dewy Skin Mist 

Hello loves! So today I’m going to be talking about one of my favorite go to products for dewy skin. As you all know I love the dewy look. I’m all about glowwww!! So I had been on a hunt for something that would give me a really good glow and I happened to come across Tatcha’s Luminious Dewy Skin Mist. I saw dewy in there and was like, “YAAAAASSSS 🙌 I need this in my life”. Then after doing some research I learnt that Kim K uses this for her glow. I was like damn, I definitely need this. However at that time it was only being sold on their website and I couldn’t have it shipped to me. Then one fine day as I was doing my usual Sephora shopping, I saw that it was available and instantly clicked “add to cart”.

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